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Web Business Creates Leverage for Small Non-Profits

Orchard Park, NY (December 15, 2008) -- Calling it true leverage for non-profits, ServiceRelated.com launched it's nationwide Non-Profit project in an attempt to help .org's, non-profit's, and other charitable organizations leverage services and save money. According to ManagementHelp.org, most non-profits have small staffs and small budgets (under $500,000). They struggle to get the necessary professional help needed to properly market and expose themselves to potential donors and volunteers.

ServiceRelated.com, a company devoted to helping businesses save money, better manage, and grow is determined to help non-profits better leverage some of their resources and save money. Management Library's website states most non-profits don't pay for outside help due to the costs involved. ServiceRelated.com helps with these important issues by helping a non-profit save money on an existing and necessary merchant account combined with the assistance of building/improving the organizations website. ServiceRelated.com is also building tools designed to help any non-profit better manage its day-to-day functions.

According to Project leader Greg Hill: "Too often, non-profits stretch their budgets to build engaging websites, money that could obviously be spent more directly fulfilling the mission of the organization. In addition, many non-profits depend on merchant accounts for web-based credit card donations. ServiceRelated.com's Non-Profit project fills this gap. Non-profits save money on something they already use while getting professional web-building services at no cost. It's a win-win!"

ServiceRelated.com is an internet based business services company specializing in helping small businesses save money, better manage, and grow. The company works with an network of nationwide independent business consultants.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Greg Hill, please call 888-445-6447, email contact(at)servicerelated.com, or visit our website at ServiceRelated.com.

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