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ServiceRelated.com offers business tools that help you save money, better manage, an grow your business. We follow a 3 point approach. Our goals are to help businesses Save money, Manage their existing business, and Grow!

save money with credit card processing from ServiceRelated.com   SAVE with Credit Card Processing

Do you accept credit card payments in your business?

We've got an exciting offer! We GUARANTEE we'll SAVE you money on your credit card processing costs, or we'll write you a check for $500. Seriously.

Additionally, you'll get ServiceRelated.com tools to help you better manage and grow...absolutely FREE (a $69.99 monthly value)!

There is no better time to start saving. Get started today with a free merchant account quote or side by side comparison with your current merchant processor.

Start saving money on your credit card processing

Service Related business tools to help you manage your company   MANAGE with SMB Tools

At Service Related, we offer a suite of business tools to help you manage your existing customer base. Our tool set is available on a fee based subscription basis, or is available for free* to our Service Related Credit Card Processing customers. Take advantage of the savings that comes with our credit card processing and tool suite.

Use our customer management tool to better keep track of contacts, customers, vendors, and lists. Our customer management tools are designed to help your business operate more efficiently and most are free of charge to our existing merchant account processing customers.

*some business tools will require a monthly fee or setup fee regardless of merchant processing customer status.

Grow your business with service related leads, leada lists and tools   GROW with Sales Leads

Use our sales lead database to search for new customers. Our lead database provides you with business data and business lists that can be customized to fit your marketing needs. You can use our customer relationship management tools to manage marketing campaigns online, or export business leads into your own system. Custom exports are available on request and can be exported in any format your system requires (free of charge to current credit card processing customers.)

You can do all this with a ServiceRelated.com merchant account. Get started, FOR FREE, today!*

Buy or sell a business Business Brokerage Marketplace - Buy or Sell a Business

As a company with a base of customers who are business owners, we know that providing a marketplace is a key component to our overall strategy. There comes a time for most businesses to sell, or grow through an acquisition. At ServiceRelated.com we provide our customer base with a marketplace where they can list an existing business for sale, or browse to find a new business to acquire. Whether you are a serial entrepreneur, or a business looking to buy a supplier or competitor, take a look.

*Our business tools carry a monthly fee. To take advantage of our tools, free of charge, sign up for a merchant account today.

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