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Retail Merchant Account

Retail merchant account program rates Get started with your retail merchant account today. We will set you up with a free credit card processing terminal and have you saving money right away.

Whether you are new merchant looking for your first account, or a retailer with multiple locations across the US, Service Related can help. We will handle the entire process from start to finish, including programming, installation and integration with existing POS systems.

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Retail Rates

Processing Rates

Credit Card Rate 1.59%
Debit Rate 1.59%
Transaction Fee 20¢
Statement Fee $9.95
Minimum $0.00
Application Fee NONE
Annual Fee NONE
Set-Up Fee NONE
Terminals FREE

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Retail Merchant Account Features

  1. Free Credit Card Terminal
    We offer free terminals on new accounts that are from some of the top credit card processing manufacturers. Names include Verifone, Nurit, and Hypercom.
  2. Free Programming
    We will reprogram your existing terminal or point of sale system. If you own your own equipment or are tied to a lease, our reprogramming is free of charge.
  3. $0 Setup Fee
    We get you started right out of the box. For merchants within reach of one of our offices, we can come out to install and train. For merchants who are outside of an area where we have a representative, your terminal will arrive fully programmed and ready to use. Simply plug in and you are ready to begin accepting payments.
  4. $0 Application Fee
    You shouldn't have to pay an application for with a merchant account service provider. With Service Related, you don't have to.

Verifone vx570 retail credit card terminal A retail merchant account is designed for a merchant who swipes 80% or more of their sales through their credit card terminal. As a retail merchant, your rates and fees are lower due to the reduced risk of a charge back or fraud. A retail account is often referred to as a card present merchant account. Other types of card present accounts can be wireless merchant accounts and store and forward merchant accounts.

Free Terminals and 24-hour terminal support. Get started today.

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