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Merchant Account Application Process

Our 3 step application process makes your job easier. Once you have agreed to the rates and terms of the merchant account offering, the process is relatively simple. A representative from Service Related will handle the process from that point on with our simple 3 step process.

  1. Phone Application
    For most customers, the merchant account application is handled over the phone. Information regarding your business is gathered and the application is then faxed or emailed to you for review.
    For customers in areas where we have an office location, we will gather the information during our initial conversation and come to see you for signatures and required documents. Generally, you will need to provide the following:
    1. A voided business check
    2. Proof of your business. Examples include a phone / utility bill, business certificate, or a rental/lease agreement.
    3. If you are currently processing: A copy of a merchant processing statement less than three months old.
  2. Review, Sign, and Return
    You will receive the application via fax, email, or in person. The terms that we agreed to will be outlined on the application. Sign the require documents and return to us via fax (888-633-9079) or in person.
  3. Plug in and Go!
    After your application is received and fully approved, your equipment will be setup. This could consist of a new terminal from us, reprogramming of your existing credit card equipment, software installation, or merchant account gateway setup. Your terminal will be shipped, or personally delivered, tested and ready to go. A 24 hour terminal support line is available for any questions or issues that you have.

We look forward to earning your business with our competitive rates and our commitment to providing you with top notch customer service along with resources and tools to help your business to grow.

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