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Internship Program FAQ

At ServiceRelated.com, interns are a crucial part of our workforce. You're given as much responsibility as our older more experienced Independent Consultants. You're given the chance to leave your mark, make money, compete for bonuses, and even win a spring break trip.

What can I expect to do at ServiceRelated.com during my internship?
ServiceRelated interns are expected to participate in our internship program for 12 weeks. On average, our internship needs about 5 hours per week. You can do more. Most of the work is done during your free time. Other than our weekly 1/2 hour meetings, there is no set time. Everything you'll need to know to accomplish the responsibilities below will be taught to you during orientation and training.

Your responsibilities will be the following:

  • Participate in weekly 1/2 hour conference call meetings. We'll use this time to train, teach, brainstorm, and work together on various topics related to the merchant account industry and your internship
  • Find 1,000 email addresses of prospective reseller candidates
  • Fulfill your 12 week internship commitment
  • Develop, research, structure, and help implement a valuable tool for our merchant account customers
  • Market to 100 online merchant account customers
  • Market to 15 local businesses
  • Market to 100 potential ServiceRelated.com affiliates
  • Find and contact 100 non-profit companies for participation in our non-profit project
  • Apply with your university for credits toward graduation
  • Wear proper attire when marketing to local customers

Can I work from where I go to school?
Yes. our internships are available nationwide. We stay in contact with you via telephone and computer.

How long to internships last?
We ask that interns stay involved for 12 weeks, which is long enough to dive into the internship and make a significant contribution.

Is this internship paid?
This is a results based paid internship program. You will earn monthly income that builds with each new customer. However, acquiring customers is not a requirement of this internship program. The income potential is unlimited. For those of you who need a flexible internship program, this is the perfect internship program. If a paid internship is not allowed by your school, we will abide by the requirements of your institution.

How will this internship help me get a job after college?
Employers are looking for go-getters. The average internship doesn't allow you to demonstrate your abilities. Our internship does. We'll teach you to market yourself, sell a valuable service and, most importantly, give a real life example you can show future employers.

When are your Internships available?
The following dates are scheduled for new interns.

  • Please inquire regarding program availability

Additional dates will be added, as needed. Please complete the form below to reserve your place.

If you're interested in getting started, please fill out the following form and we'll be in touch shortly.

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