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Merchandise Return Card Program

Utilizing gift cards for merchandise returns is becoming the preferred return process for businesses and consumers. Gift cards, and return cards, allows business owners to retain sales. A merchant doesn't have to manage an internal certificate or return receipt program. Revenue can stay in house and bring add on sales and customers.

One of the most draining things that a business faces is the rush of returns and refunds after holiday spending. Why not keep those sales in house with Merchandise Return Cards. The Merchandise Return Card creates value for your business and the consumer in many ways:

Benefits for the Consumer

  1. Your customer is provided with something that is more tangible and of a higher perceived value than a simple store credit receipt.
  2. Many merchants only offer exchange programs. By providing your customer with a merchandise return gift card, they can spend their return at their own leisure.
  3. Your customer feels the exchange process is pleasant and trustworthy. The card provides you with a clear return and helps to define the return policies of your store.
  4. Your return policy becomes more efficient and is more easily tracked and controlled while simplifying your businesses accounting process.

Benefits for the Merchant

  1. Revenue stays in the stores.
  2. Tracking of gift cards and merchandise return cards is automated.
  3. Between 10% and 16% of cards are never redeemed, creating instant margins.
  4. Increased customer loyalty.
  5. Reduced fraud due to employee theft and reproduction of paper certificates.
  6. Add on purchases.

The impression made by a Merchandise Return Card will create a memorable experience for customers while also providing greater value to both card holders and merchants. Get started with your own Merchandise Return Card program today!

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