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Advantages - Working with Service Related

Our business support system is designed to make the process of building your customer base as easy as possible. In fact, we'll do most of the work for you.

  1. Independence - Work from home or work from an office setting, it's your choice. You'll be able to set your own schedule and build your business on your terms.
  2. Support - Service Related will provide you with a agent starter kit designed to help you get your business started. We'll give you an online agent administration center where you can get access to training materials, marketing materials, agent compensation information, etc. Once you have brought on your first customer, Service Related will send you our "office in a box" program designed to further jump start your business.
  3. Competition - Most salespeople enjoy competition. A salesperson likes to know where he/she stands. We will provide weekly sales reports for agents. These reports will show how agents are doing around the country. Another great source of motivation for anyone who enjoys being connected to a group of people rather than being out there by themselves.
  4. Compensation - Service Related splits any and all earned revenue 50/50. You'll get 50% of all revenue/fees generated and paid to Service Related. Each month, your agent admin section will show compensation earned. Once you have reached certain thresholds of monthly residual compensation, your commission splits can go up to as much as 60% on all earned revenue. Here are some of the ways you will be compensated.

    Residual Fees - Each month a merchant is assessed for the fees of having a merchant account. Those fees are paid monthly and the revenue paid to Service Related are split with you 50/50.

    Bonuses - $2,000 signing (30 new processing accounts in 90 days), 5th lease sign-up, Conversion, No Terminal necessary, and Approval bonuses are also paid to our independent salespeople.
    Rewards - We will also hold sales agent contents periodically to reward our salespeople.
  5. Sales advantage - Service Related will soon be your "ace in the hole." As we build our tools and offerings at Service Related, you will be able to offer your customers many more business tools they can use to manage and grow their businesses. Some of these tools will be free but go a long way in helping protect your merchant account income. Some of them will be services that will come at a cost but also create an income/commission opportunity for you.
  6. Training - Every week, we will hold online/teleconference training sessions. Some will be general review and discussion. Some will be training on a new/updated tool available to our customers. Whatever the training session is about, you will have the opportunity to learn, ask questions, and listen to information that can help you grow your independent Service Related business.
  7. Marketing - Service Related has a database of customers you can use to grow your business. In most cases, you would pay for this information. As a Service Related sales rep, this information is part of our support. Also, we will generate leads for our salespeople. Those salespeople who perform will get more leads than those salespeople who do not.
  8. Professionalism - Service Related is a professional organization. We require you to sign certain documents that will ensure Service Related and you, the independent salesperson, act professionally. Each document is designed to protect you and protect us. If you do not feel you are capable of operating within our professional guidelines, the decision to go separate ways will be the correct one.
  9. Competitive Rates - Our processing rates are among the best in the industry. We are rarely going to get beat out. We can usually save a merchant money. In fact, we'll pay save every merchant money or we'll write them a check for $500!

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